Just a quick one today. The Dell Storage Update Manager for EqualLogic systems has just been released on the EqualLogic support site and is a available to download. You need a valid support login to download the software.

So why the blog post, well because everything is behind the support site and there isn’t really any information about what Dell storage update manager (DSUM or Dim Sum if you’re hungry) is all about.

From the marketing it simplifies the process of maintaining Dell Storage Products with guided update management. Really what does is it helps you manage the update process of EqualLogic systems and drive firmware. Previously you had to go through the release notes to workout what version of firmware you need to be running and if there was any incremental updates required to get to the desired firmware. Now what update manager will do is log into your group, work out what version you’re on and then look at the support site for the latest supported version and download them.

For drive firmware it’s even better. Currently you need to download a zip from the support site, and then FTP it to the array and then manually update the drive firmware. It was fast but cumbersome. Now update manager will download and update the drive firmware for you, which is very handy if you have multiple arrays with different drive types or ages.

As with all the EquaLogic products it is part of the all-inclusive software licensing so there is nothing you need a pay. It will help you save time and focus on more pressing tasks instead of upgrade path planning, especially in large EQL environments.

Download DSUM from the support site https://eqlsupport.dell.com/support/download.aspx?id=6442455985

Dell Storage Update Manager overview

Dell Storage Update Manager overview