Sooooo, after ages of asking and asking, we now have some official performance stats from the FS8600 running FluidFS and it looks impressive, especially from a bang for buck approach. The results are great timing with Dell Enterprise Forum happing in the US at the moment and the release of the new FluidFS V3 .

All the results are here

The FS8600 is the FluidFS NAS frontend for Compellent. It’s a scale our NAS so it can use multiple heads and multiple arrays but still present as a single namespace which is awesome if you need massive file systems, high performance or not. For example, at the moment the largest file system can be 1PB but with the upcoming release that will double to 2PB.

All the drives used were SSD, well, actually a mix of SLC and higher capacity eMLC and with the 4 appliance config they hit 494,224 IOPS – a bloody lot. What it showed is what FluidFS is capable of if you can give it enough backend horsepower but to be honest I don’t really see any customers that need that kind of speed, but it’s always good to know it can do it.

Obviously everyone is rather chuffed about the results, you can find the official Dell response here  and a bit more info here.

Some more info about FluidFS V3 below. I’m pre-writing a post for the first time ever and I’ll get in strife and bother if I release these links early. Fingers crossed.