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Dell to explain Project Blue Thunder and SDS strategy at Dell User Forum in Sydney.

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Dell User Forum ANZThis is a follow up post to Dell User Forum registrations open for Sydney 15th October 2014

Date: Wednesday, 15th October, 2014 @ Randwick Racecourse, Sydney
Website: http://www.delluserforumaustralia.com.au/
Twitter: #DUFAU14
Register here: http://www.etouches.com/97034

Every large vendor needs their own shindig, and here at Dell Australia, we have ours coming up in 3 weeks on a grand scale.

Dell User Forum will be in Sydney on October 15th and is Dell’s largest customer event in ANZ this year. It’s being held at Randwick Racecourse which should be really interesting. Apparently the function centre has had some renovations recently and the word internally is that it looks fantastic.

I’m particularly keen to see what it’s like inside because for all the years I lived in Sydney I have never been to the track to watch a horse race. This is mainly because horse racing is phenomenally boring, and I have no idea what I’m doing when placing a bet, and I’m too big to be a jockey.

Fun fact: in the Triathlon series in Sydney, they have a separate category for guys over 92kg called the “Clydesdale Class”.

I did go there once to set up a CX3 system to keep track of all the horse husbandry data, which is an enormous industry in itself, e.g. the son of Silver Sovereign and I’llShoutyouGetEm was called MadonnaCantSing, but that’s a story for another time.

Now that the event has scaled to include all the main Dell pillars; Storage (Woo!!), Server, Software & Security, there will be tracks you can follow if you are interested in a certain topic. It’s buzzword city but after DUF in Miami in June these are the main topics attendees were interested in:

  • Big Data
  • Cloud
  • Mobility

Of course, if you want you can just pick and choose and go to whatever session you want.DUF Agenda

The formal agenda has been released to the DUF website. The PDF file has all the descriptions on what the breakout sessions will be covering.

I’m a storage guy, or Dan Dan Storage Man as I seem to get called lately, so I HIGHLY recommend you ditch all the other crap and only come to the storage sessions. In particular ignore servers, servers are the past man, storage is the future , like *cough* .. Nutanix .. EVO:Rail .. Storage Spaces …….. oh shit :S

I’m only kidding, SDS & convergence is a big topic this year and Dell seems to have its paws all over it. The upcoming OEM agreement with Nutanix, the new VMware EVO:Rail appliance, and Microsoft is a Platinum sponsor so heaps of info on Storage Spaces and whats coming from their part of the world. I have heard a rumour that we will have an EVO:Rail box on display at the Solutions Expo but that’s not confirmed. I’m keen to check it out. Hopefully I’ll know soon and put it up on twitter.

Helping the big push is the newly announced new PowerEdge 13G platform that is going to drive all these SDS products. Density and flexibility in storage/connectivity and of course raw compute power is needed to take it all this hyper-converged industry to the next level, and that is where the new R730XD and FX2 blade system will shine.

There will be 13G hardware demos and displays on the Expo floor.

Dell Storage

This time last year Dell was announcing our industry first ability to mix Write Intensive SLC with Read Intensive MLC flash drives with our On Demand Data Progression (ODDP) technology. This allows us to have the blinding write performance and endurance of SLC with the capacity and read performance of MLC at the same price/capacity of an equivalent spinning disk system.

You can see from this Register article on the 17/09/14 where the author wistfully dreams of a future where you can tier between two types of flash and Compellent has been able to do it for over a year!

It’s a year later and we have shipped a shed tonne of flash in that time and now we will be showcasing the latest Storage Center SC6.5 code that features compression, greater addressable capacity and some other goodness. As always, the additional software features are free if you have a valid support contract.

There will be a running SC4020 on the Expo floor for you to get hands on and try out some live demos.

One session not to miss is the “What’s coming next with Dell Storage (NDA session). We will have our very own storage Zen Master Andrew Diamond co-presenting with two of the guys running the Nextgen Storage strategy for Dell; Keith Swindell and Peter Korce. I expect to learn stuff in that session too, in which I will be live tweeting :)

On a side note, how do you live tweet an NDA session?

As most people who will read this post is aware, Dell is on a path to merge all of our storage systems into one common architecture over the next few years and SDS the fudge out of it. CRN has a good article on Project Blue Thunder  with an interview with Alan Atkinson (VP Storage) and where Dell Storage is heading. Andrew’s session will explain all of this in more detail.

Also, EqualLogic v8 firmware is about to be released with support for Compression and VMware Vvols. In the roadmap session we’ll take you through the next generation of the PS4110 and PS6510 systems.

The “Talent”

As part of the Keynote Forrester Research will be “presenting their exclusive findings on how Australian businesses are innovating using Cloud, Big Data and Mobility to securely meet the changing needs of their customers.” This will be an interesting session as I’m curious to see what they think the different Australian states are doing. Here in QLD we are seeing a massive push for Cloud and managed services, not just for storage but for everything in the datacenter. This is partially driven by government policy up here but private businesses are looking to make the move too. In NSW & VIC the cloudy push isn’t as widespread (IMHO). It probably helps that Dell has a established Data Centre presence in QLD already.

We have a lot of Dell execs coming down to present and talk with customers fresh after DUF in Miami, including

  • Alan Atkinson – VP Dell Storage @dell_storage
  • Enrico Bracalente – Directory of Product Management for 13G
  • Kishore Gagrani – Product Director – Fluid Cache for SAN @kgagrani
  • Amit Midha – Dell APJ President
  • Daniel Morris – All around good bloke and chicken enthusiast @danmoz

candy-thumb-400x300-49I haven’t personally met the other guys but if you can try and have a chat with Alan. He is remarkably approachable and happy to take the time to talk for someone at his level. Top bloke.

And then finally, at the end of the day we get to celebrate and have a beer or two. Sadly  we have training at 8am the next morning in Frenches Forrest, so that’s not so hot. The beers are sponsored by Cloud which is as ambiguous as you can get.

Orange whip? Orange whip? Three Orange whips!!

If you see me at DUF come and say G’day. I’ll be the guy frantically trying to cut and paste ■ ■ ■ ■ continually on my phone :)

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