Very short post based on the fact I can’t find this information anywhere on the web. The NBA Finals are starting tomorrow and here in Australia we are the perfect timezone to watch the games, but where do you watch the games?

I know Australians have the highest signup ratio for NBA League Pass in the world but its good to watch these games in a social setting, not just at home on the lounge. A few phone calls and I have come up with this very short list. Feel free to add more in the comments.

Hotels Showing the NBA Finals Live in Brisbane

  • Jubilee Hotel – Fortitude Valley
    • I called them and they will be showing it for sure. This is where I will be watching game 1! Come and say Hi! #GoDubsGo
  • Elephant & Wheelbarrow – Fortitude Valley 
    • Haven’t confirmed this one but I am assured they are showing it. They have a projector out the back I think.
  • Pig & Whistle – Fortitude Valley 
    • There are 4 P&W bars in Brisbane now but the newest one is in Brunswick St in the Valley. I was there last week to watch the Origin and the place is well set up for watching sport. They have a projector but I’m not sure if the game will be on it. I’m sure the other bars will have it on as well.
  • The Regatta – Toowong
    • They will be showing it for sure as they have been showing most of the games in the playoffs. There is a massive TV in the bar near the fire. This would be my preferred place to watch it but my car was towed from their carpark after I did the right thing and caught a cab home after a few beers. $560 dollars later I am boycotting the bar. Asshats.
  • Down Under Bar – City
    • They always show the games but without the sound. This might be different for the finals. They have a great $12 lunch deal with a steak and a pint, hard to beat that value.

There you go, not an exhaustive list by a long way but at least there is some content on the web when you search for it!

Here are the game times on TV in Australia:

  • Game 1 – Friday June 5th 11am
  • Game 2 – Monday June 8th 10am
  • Game 3 – Wednesday June 10th 11am
  • Game 4 – Friday June 12th 11am
  • Game 5* – Monday June 15th 10am
  • Game 6* – Wednesday June 17th 11am
  • Game 7* – Saturday June 20th 11am

* These games won’t be needed because the Warriors are going to sweep the Cavs :) Kidding, hopefully it’s an awesome series, and the best part is there is an Aussie on both teams so once again we’ll have an Aussie champion to go along with Gaze, Longley, & Mills/Baynes.